Sounds of nature, culture and place

sounds of nature, culture, and place

Orbitz has put together a wonderful set of soundscapes from 36 places around the world. Some capture the peace and gentle sounds of places away from the busyness of life, while others capture the vibrancy and sometimes the noisiness of urban life and the variety of human cultures. They were made by people who live in these places and chose these sounds to represent them. Altogether, it serves as a reminder not only of the beauty of diversity, but that nature and culture are always interconnected, not two separate realities.

You can progress through the set by choosing the next image and sound when you are ready, or by opening up the panel at top left and choosing the specific location you wish to hear.




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David Backes

I have always been drawn to where the wild things are: the natural world around me, and the wilderness within. As a writer, speaker, and university professor, I have for decades focused on this combination of nature and the human spirit. In recent years, my spiritual journey has added another lens: social, environmental and intergenerational justice. Put it all together and you’ve got The Earth Keeper, a blog of integral ecology and the prophetic imagination. The Earth Keeper may at times make you feel hopeful or inspired; it may make you feel uncomfortable or defensive or even angry. I hope it often will be challenging, and always interesting.

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