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Integral ecology and the prophetic imagination

Integral ecology and the prophetic imagination

The Earth Keeper combines science, politics, religion, spirituality, nature, culture and justice–a combination known as integral ecology. The goal is to bear witness to the signs of the times as well as advocate for a world in which the little ones of all species have the opportunity to live well. In this, it also is a blog of prophetic imagination.

Many years ago, an elderly friend told me his experience of December 7, 1941. Two months past his 18th birthday, he was spending that Sunday with friends at an ice-skating party on a lake near his home in northern Minnesota. Someone from a nearby house approached and, with an ashen face, told the group that Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor. At that moment, the high school senior knew his whole life had changed, all his plans gone out the window. He felt a strong calling, and knew what he had to do. The next morning, along with many other young men, he went and enlisted in the Army. Read More

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