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Weep for humanity and all living things

Weep for humanity and all living things

A civilization in denial and heading for disaster. That was the story 2,600 years ago, and that is our story today.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, God judges a society by how it treats the poor, the elderly, the outcasts, and the land. This conveniently has been forgotten in America and in other wealthy nations. I gave a talk about this a couple of weeks ago, and want to use it to kick off this new blog. It relates to all seven of the categories I have created for this site: religion, spirituality, politics, culture, science, nature and justice. My topic was about the Prophet Jeremiah and the lessons we can learn from his failure to break through the denial of his times. Only when we face reality and weep will we find genuine hope again. Here is what I said: Read More

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